Gears of War 2 - Probable Cause

What to expect in Gears 2. Updates to the Unreal 3 Engine may be the key to understanding the tech that will be in Gears 2. Everyone and their mother knows that Gears of War was a showcase for the Unreal engine and it was the most advanced version of the engine used in a game at that time. Gears 2 most likely will feature the improvements that are being showcased by Epic.

- Destructable Environments
A tech demo using Gears elements show the Torque Bow with a new exploding animation blowing up pieces of the ground, pillars, and wood on the walls.

- 4 Player Co-op
Come on. Halo 3 did it. Gears is based on a 4 man team. It makes sense on so many levels.

- High Density Crowds (Armies of Locust)
Most likely this will just be used to create battlefields where Locust soldiers fill the scene. An impressive amount of enemies are shown on screen, most likely with basic AI to keep the system from straining.

Another thing to note might be how Emulsion is going to react to the characters (Watch the video below and check out the liquid sphere).

New Chansaw sound FX from the unveiling of Gears 2 are coming soon. Check back.

Watch the impressive stuff:

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