Uncharted Reviewed by Zero Punctuation

Since I own this game I thought it would be nice to hear what ZP thinks about it. It's a bit late in the game to watch a review on this game but I'll take it anyway.

Click here to watch the review.

I don't agree that it is an overly "safe" game. It certainly tries to do new things, most of which work well but some of which not so well. I can see where he points out that you can't tell where you are supposed to jump like when you have to jump on ledges (most of us don't hang and jump from multiple ledges all the time, right?) but I think it gets you thinking instead of just blasting through a death defying cliffhanger. The action timing of button presses works very well for this game. You can actually tell when something dangerous would come up (Like for example you are crossing a rickety ancient wooden bridge. I think you can tell there may be some danger.) where you have a press an action button to avoid death. Oh, and Drake's hair looks natural.

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