Secrets of the Ninja

Learn about the secrets of the Ninja in this free online book by Ashida Kim.

Making war is not hard, keeping the peace is hard. That is why the Ninja, who value peace and harmony above all else, have gone to such great lengths over many centuries to canonize and preserve these methods. And why, because it is so simple, the techniques have often been turned to revenge or used to raise and army quickly. When there is no justice, the Ninja appear. They are not “called to action” by anyone. They are just ordinary people in extraordinary situations. They need not have a “clan” or “credentials” or even a great deal of training. They only need the Will.

The Ninja do what must be done, then it is forgotten. Princes and kings may gain some
temporary advantage through Force. But, the only lasting accomplishments are achieved
through Love.

This is the true lesson of Ninjitsu

Download the free book here (PDF).

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