Megaman 9 - True Blue Facts

Confirmed for the Wii's WiiWare system.

The game is currently developed by Inti Creates, a company known for developing games in the Mega Man Zero series and Mega Man ZX series

The game itself is also a literal return to its roots, as the graphics and music resemble how their original games looked and sounded on the Nintendo Entertainment System hardware, and will only be controlled using the Wii Remote held sideways.

The story is as standard as any of the previous Rockman games, but with a twist. Robots are on a rampage, and Wily is coming back, but this time around, he states that the robot attacks are caused by Dr. Right, Rockman's own creator. Now Rockman has to prove his creator's innocence by defeating the new robot masters and finding the real truth behind the cause.

...his trusted canine companion Rush will return, thus making sure that memorable classic characters are returning in the same fashion.

Robot Masters:
Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman

The Wii is capable of 480 Progressive resolution, so expect that to be what it runs at.

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