SSF2T HD Remix Combo Movie, Hitbox Display, Website

"I’d just like to note that these were all done on a normal joystick..."
"A few of the combos in the video are only possible in the new Remixed mode."

*note that while damage has always been high in Super Turbo, many of these combos are performed against Akuma, who takes even more damage than most characters.

Just wanted to update you guys with a quick look at the new hitbox display feature we’re implementing for training mode in SFHD. Just to give you a breakdown of what’s going on, the blue boxes represent the characters hitbox. This is the areas where the characters can be hit. The red box is the offensive hit box. It shows the areas of the character that are attacking.

Whenever a redbox overlaps the opponents blue box, the result will be a hit. When a red box overlaps an opponents red box, they will almost always trade hits (where both players get hit). There are exceptions to this that I’ll let you guys figure out when the game comes out.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 + Street Fighter HD Remix Beta trailer:

If you get Commando 3 on Xbox Live you get the SSF2T HD Remix Beta with Ken and Ryu.

They also have a cool website: http://games.capcomdigital.com/streetfighteriihdr/

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