Megaman 10 is coming. Another 8-bit NES Version

I know I'm late for this announcement, but I collected as much info and pics as I could about it. Not to be confused with the fan made "Megaman 10", this is another Wii Ware title that will hit in March 2010.

Mega Man 10 will have three playable characters: Mega Man, Proto Man and a confirmed third playable character, probably Roll but possibly a new character. Nintendo Power have revealed two Robot Masters so far: Sheep Man, who possesses the Thunder Wool weapon, and Commando Man, whose attacks have a wide area of impact and can stun Mega Man. An Easy Mode will also be included in the game (which has been compared in difficulty to Mega Man 2), and like the previous game, it will feature an in-between level item shop and downloadable content.

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  1. I can't believe that Megaman 10 is coming again because it was my favorite comic since I was child, specially because he had specials powers, I figure out this new Megaman 10 will come with different weapons.m10m