Soldier of Fortune Payback, Assassin’s Creed Video/Comic, GTA IV Multiplayer details

Uh today I am posting a bunch of crap in one post. Deal with it. Click the links for the articles.

Click here to watch the "trailer."
It's an okay trailer, but I really enjoyed the last line the announcer says in it ^_^.

New Assassin’s Creed - Video & Leaked Comic

and finally GTA IV will have 16 multiplayer for PS3 and 360

"Rockstar is aiming for a multiplayer component to compliment the singleplayer, with up to 16 players fighting it out in various multiplayer modes, and the developers have been busy testing various plots and have even considered having the entire world unlocked for the player at the start of the game. GTA veterans will know that one of the staples of previous GTA games has been locked areas that can only be accessed by progressing past certain missions or pivotal story elements.

GTA IV is slated for release in Q1-Q2 2008 on PS3 and Xbox 360."

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