iPod Touch


Multi-touch interface
3.5-inch widescreen display
Wi-Fi web browsing
Music downloads from iTunes

It looks so nice. :) I love that you can wi-fi web browse. That's blazing hot.



Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer BETA

I got access to it and have been playing it on my xbox for a couple of days. This totally rocks, but it does have some bugs in it. Issues are mostly with the party system and connecting to games. More of a BETA than Halo 3 was. :) Here is a video of my friend, David, playing for a short time:


What Toyota means in Japanese.

The name of the new company was changed from Toyoda to Toyota - one you will probably hear if you go on one of the plant tours. The name "Toyota" for the company instead of the family name "Toyoda" for several reasons. First, Kiichiro Toyoda wanted to make a distinction between his family (private life) and his company (public life). In Japan, people count the number of strokes it takes to write kanji, hiragana or katakana. In katakana, it takes 10 strokes to write "Toyoda" and 8 strikes to write "Toyota". In Japanese, eight is a good number because the kanji used to write eight also has the meaning of "infinity". By using the name "Toyota", he was expressing his hope for "unlimited" possibilities for his new company.