Nintendo DSi ROM/Flash Cart DSONEi/Acekard2i/CycloDSi

Nintendo DSi, meet your new friends.

You'd only need to be a little skeptical to realize that the main impetus behind the DSi was to thwart the rampant piracy on the DS. Well the DSi had a good run...

...a few months...

The DSONEi could be the new R4, a drag 'n drop ROM loader that plays games from the DSi's cartridge slot. It hopes to circumvent Nintendo's DSi's new firmware updates (similar to what we've seen before on the PSP) through firmware updates of its own, loaded onto the cart through a bundled USB dongle.

We're a bit confused how the adapter supports SDHC—it's probably through the DSi itself for saved games only—but otherwise the DSONEi looks similar to the R4 in that it stores its data on MicroSD. We didn't spot any ordering information on DSONEi's page, but don't be surprised to see it stocked at your normal online game modding stores soon.

The DSONEi supports real-time saves, real-time cheats, and a real-time game "guide".

Check out the website here.

Acekard, makers of many fine flashcarts for the original DS and DS Lite, have done in a month or so what many thought might take much longer, or even be impossible: load homebrew code on the DSi. And on top of that, Acekard is claiming support for all of the DSi's new hardware goodness like the camera and SD card, which is surely wetting many a homebrew mouth today with anticipatory drool.

Team Cyclops are pleased to announce that for some time we have had a working test setup which is capable of running CycloDS Evolution on the Nintendo DSi.

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