DYNO RUNS- NEW TV SERIES COMING THIS FALL featuring Swanson Performance - Fast Cars, Beautiful Women, & High Horsepower!

Dyno-Runs is a combination of real street racing meeting dyno tuning. Most car enthusiasts know the value of a good tuner....But as we all know....what looks good on A Dyno sheet does not always play out the same on the track. Each episode we line-up three contestants, their comparable street cars and strap them to the dyno. We measure their horsepower, torque, and air/fuel ratio. From there we hit the track for the elimination of one contestant with a heads up race. The person with the lowest horsepower gets to pick his opponent. The winner of that race moves on to round two...the next opponent for best 2 out of 3 heads up races. Winner of the race takes home one thousand dollars and a chance at 20k on the season finale. Every week, the races will be held at different raceways. So... "like" our cars stay tuned! Featuring my friends at Swanson Performance! About Swanson Performance: Swanson Performance specializes in Dyno Tuning Ford vehicles including Mustang and the F150 Lightning. Using the latest, cutting edge technology, Swanson has the ability and resources to transform your Mustang or Lightning from a tame, stock car to a tire-screeching, take-no-prisoners street machine. What sets Swanson Performance apart from other speed shops is Swanson’s ability to install high performance parts on your Ford vehicle, then dial-in the new combo on a Dynojet for maximum safe horsepower and driveability. Using the newest, most sophisticated products on the market, Swanson Performance can recalibrate your Ford Vehicle computer. http://www.swansonperformance.com

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