I work at Activision now!

I work at the biggest third party publisher in the U.S., Activision, as a Quality Assurance Tester. Basically we play games and write up bug reports. :)


Best Movie Intro Ever

this in the intro to aqua teen hunger force: colon movie for theatres
i saw this in the theatre. ROCK!


Can you imagine playing this?

Click here.

I know I have made a lot of video game posts, but it's because of E3.

10 virtually instant ways to improve your life. READ THIS!

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If you are an American, watch this.


Video-game consumers are smart

Video-game consumers are the single most sophisticated shoppers in the entertainment industry, despite their age and what you might think. People go to a movie or buy a book on a whim. But buying a video game is a much more methodical and judicious process. Next time you're in an airport, look at how many magazines are dedicated to video games. And they're not writing about the sex lives of game designers. They are writing about the content.

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Ultimate COLORED Smoke Bomb

Starcraft II Limited Edition Tychus Statue


* Worldwide Announcement Exclusive
* Estimated Ship Date: October 2007
* Limited Edition
* Price: $249.99
* Limit One Per Customer

SOLD OUT. Unfortunately, we have reached our maximum capacity for pre-orders and wait list positions at this time.

To commemorate the announcement of the highly anticipated StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present the Tychus Findlay Limited Edition Statue. This collector's item is a product of a collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment's famous cinematics team and the incredible sculpting of Sideshow Collectibles. Players can now own a piece of StarCraft history with this highly detailed, 18-inch tall statue of Terran Marine Tychus J. Findlay standing atop a freshly dispatched Hydralisk. Cast in high-quality polystone and hand painted to exacting standards, the power of the Terran Marine Corps stands triumphantly in this beautiful museum-quality piece.

Sold out already...
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My super E3 picks

Highlights from E3 2007, the biggest annual gaming expo.
Here are my best selections (Click on the game to view info):

Mario Galaxy
Looks like the most fun 3D mario game.

Burnout: Paradise
Crashes! Need I say more?

Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
THE new adventure game that I want to tear up!

Call of Duty 4
Modern warfare... wow.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION!)

Honorable mention:

Freaky underwater shit.

Metriod Prime 3: Corruption
NES Classic Revived!

Deform the terrain to your advantage!

Killzone 2
Forget Killzone 1 :)

Assassins Creed
Go stealthy monk!

Heavenly Sword
Looks like fun.

Badass dragons.

Left 4 Dead
Zombies, don't fail me!

These are the pinnacles of E3.


Games for Lunch

I thought this blog was an interesting idea.

Games for Lunch

Anime I'm Currently Watching

Bleach! Currently on episode 70 something. This anime is very popular and you should check it out. It has modern design and even some experimental stuff. Shows that try to push the limits interest me and since it is so popular throughout the world they must be doing something right.

Description of Bleach:
Bleach follows the lives of Ichigo Kurosaki, who is a high school student with the ability to see ghosts, and a shinigami (Soul Reaper or, literally, "death god") named Rukia Kuchiki, who crosses paths with Ichigo while hunting an evil spirit known as a hollow. Rukia is wounded during the ensuing confrontation with the spirit and is left with no choice but to transfer her powers into Ichigo. Thus the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia begin. Together they search for hollows and perform soul burials on wayward souls, cleansing the spirits and sending them to Soul Society. The early parts of the story focus mainly on the characters and their pasts, rather than the actual occupation of the shinigami. As events unfold, the story begins to delve deeper into the world of these gods of death on the "other side" called Soul Society.

The characters are great. The music is Japanese Pop, which I think you will enjoy for such a Japanese animation. Title and ending sequences change every so often so you won't get bored of it and there is more of a chance you will like some of them. :)

Even if it is kind of like Dragon Ball Z where the characters keep getting stronger to overcome the enemy. Thanks to Thomas for that comment! Haha! Everything is like DBZ these days.

alby13 is forever.

Sloganizer... how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Thanks to Sloganizer, I have a cool slogan for my blog. When I get tired of it, I can generate another! What a country!



1st Post!

Everyone is taking their voices to the web and I decided to make my blog. This is history in the making. Aren't you glad you are here to experience it? WELL?! AREN'T YOU?!!?!? That's what I thought. :)