Gears 2: "Carmine is BACK!", 5 on 5 Multiplayer

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New info:
- Cliffy B. says, "Carmine is back!", "He's a hell of a fan favorite." How is he back? Maybe it's his twin. I'm betting that he is a clone, like a storm trooper. Sweeeet.

- Chainsaw duels are a button mash because Cliffy is, "tired of those little quick time events that are in every single game."

- You can crawl away when down, and hit "A" to crawl away faster.

- There are chainsaw duel draws if both players button mash evenly.

- In a big change to the chainsaw mechanic, when players are dueling they are not invincible.

- Chainsaw duels take as long as a standard chainsaw to complete.

- Blood will spread to cover when injured, with blood trails mentioned.

- 5 on 5 multiplayer game mode added

- More new maps than the amount that shipped in Gears 1

- "Many" new multiplayer modes added along with "Greater" online functionality.

- Players can drive a Centaur Tank, a monster truck/tank.

- Other vehicle sections are in Gears 2.

- Longer campaign than Gears 1.

- Gears 2 will have a party system.

- Official Marcus Fenix doo rags will be released? Haha

- If Gears 2 sells well, there will be a Gears of War 3.

Thanks to anon for the news.

And finally the true reason why the Locust and COG are beefy: Skinny players are hard to see. Proof that picking Carmine as your multiplayer character has an advantage!

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