Do Not Laugh Punishment Game

Gaki No Tsukai Punishment Game at the Police Station

These videos are hilarious! Japanese guys get punished by getting smacked on the ass hard everytime they laugh in an environment made to try to make them laugh! It's great. Check this one out and other ones on youtube:

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Zero Punctuation: The Witcher

Zero Punctuation realeases a new review and statement:

"I usually take a few days to play through the game and I'll usually finish it, or get as far as I can before I feel I can formulate an opinion. After that I'll devote a day to writing the script...Then comes making the images, which usually takes me 2 or 3 days. I used to record the speech first, but I found that I'd sometimes want to make changes to the script while making the images, especially if I wanted to reword a phrase that I found too hard to visualise. Once the images are done, recording the narration and stringing it all together in Windows Movie Maker is the easy part."

The latest review: The Witcher

Recommended reviews: Super Mario Galaxy, Mass Effect, Super Paper Mario, Halo 3, Bioshock.

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Play Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney NOW!

Hey, check this game out. Apollo Justice is the all new sequel to Pheonix Wright. With the magic of the internet you can play through the first part of the first case of the actual game.

Most of the characters are new, so it's a fresh start. You don't really have to know anything about the previous games in the series. Buy this game when it comes out.



The Megas - album available now!

What is The Megas about? Face melting Megaman rock music!

Sample their music: http://www.myspace.com/themegas

The Megas post:
The album has been out for 3 days now, and we're overwhelmed by all of your support. Some of the reactions we've gotten:

This really is pretty much THE Megaman 2 concept album. - Dan from Powerglove

Good lord, I love it. I seriously can't critique anything. It's just.. It's amazing. - Fish

I LOVE your new songs, as well as the old ones. Goddamn, you guys kick so much ass. - Kaizoku

You guys are fantastic, no one seems to be able to nail the solo in airman but you guys hit it. - bART

Just bought your CD and damn near had a break down just from the first listening. Your music almost makes me want to believe in God. Almost. - Colin

This album leaves a fresh taste in my mouth and makes me want to pick up my NES controller. - Nick

*face melts*
*melted smiley face* - Aaron

f**kin' finally. - Leo from Push Start

If you haven't gotten a copy yet, head over to themegas.com/store and pick one up today! You won't regret it.

Support this band by purchasing their album! themegas.com/store.


The Truth About Tax Cuts

Whenever tax cuts are discussed in Washington, the media and most politicians use the phrase, “cost to government.” “How much will this tax cut cost the government?” we are asked, as though some crime is being contemplated when we consider reducing taxes. The American people have every right to fund the federal government at whatever level they deem acceptable, and if they choose-- through their elected representatives-- to reduce that funding level, they are not somehow injuring the government. If Congresses passes a new law that results in you paying $1000 less in taxes next year, have you taken something from the government that rightfully belongs to it? Or has the government simply taken less from you?

You don’t cost the government money, the government costs you money!

Of course it’s reasonable to demand that politicians cut spending when they cut taxes. That’s the definition of real fiscal conservatism: government should not take too much from the private economy in taxes, but neither should it spend too much and run up deficits.

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Goldeneye on Xbox Live

Rare's Goldeneye 007, one of the best First Person Shooters of all-time, has currently been canned for release via the Xbox LIVE Arcade on the Xbox 360 due to a disagreement between Microsoft and Nintendo on the proceeds.

Fortunately, it seems that a public outcry is all that is needed to still have this classic title see release. We, the fans, must prove to both Microsoft and Nintendo just how badly we want to see one of gaming's greatest titles re-emerge and enlighten the hearts of many of us Goldeneye/Rare fans once again.

If you truly do want to see Goldeneye re-released on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, then sign this petition. You will be playing your part in the game's future.

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Bioshock Movie, Maybe

I've heard crazy things before, let me tell you. This sounds a little crazy, but whatever. I seem to enjoy video game movies anyway :P Joystiq reports as a rumor, an undisclosed "major film production company" is already in talks and may have already secured the rights.

Urban Ninja II


Starlite: Starcraft for the Nintendo DS

French home developers have begun porting Starcraft to the Nintendo DS. It is a very early release (3 weeks in so far?), but something for you to try on an emulator (NO$GBA) or load it into a cart for your DS.

They are working on adding all the units and creating Wi-Fi multiplayer.

Downloade the latest version: Version 0.02

Click here for where the project is posted with more screenshots/info.

Check out the videos: