Diablo III



- Footage was shown of large scale battles, comets streaking across the sky, demons, as Diablo 3 was officially announced.

- It is apparently still an action RPG. Same interface: red health and blue orbs, skill bar at bottom, 3/4 overhead perspective. Also a character with 2 axes hacking at demons in what appears to be a foggy cathedral. Has a jumping attack where he smashes the two axes into the ground.

- The axe guy is the barbarian class. Improvements have been made, like the hotbar for skills. Using the mouse wheel and tab key you can quickly switch between skills. There are still slot limits. Using enchanted axes with frost and lighting ,which stuns and freezes opponents.

- Red orbs that drop from enemies will replenish health without you having to use items. Demon foes have a summon ability. Barbarian's jumping attack covers a lot of distance. Was shown flying up a staircase. Also some kind of shockwave attack will be part at the Barbarians disposal.

- Blizzard is touting interactive environments as an important feature!

- Each piece of gear is custom designed for each class. Barbarians put on demonic style garb, with devil horns.

- A Barbarian was shown dislodging a rock wall and dropping it on zombies, killing them.

- A demo was shown of the whirlwind attack.

- Deckard Cain is in the game. When talking to NPCs, the game appears to switch interfaces. The changed interface highlights the character model. Having to rescue Cain from this cathedral.

- More barbarian skills. A barbarian can use a ground stomp attack to get skeleton warriors to drop their shields, making them easier to take out.

- Cultist enemies have the ability to transform into a more destructive force, so they must be taken out quickly.

- There are scripted events, like walls breaking apart, and cultists summoning a fat demon who's shock waves shatter stone pillars in the environment.

- Diablo 3 is first and foremost a co-operative game, says Blizzard.

- New Witch Doctor Class! Can summon pets, control minds of his enemies, and cast various diseases.

- More witch doctor information: It can cast out locus swarm, which spreads between targets and deals damage. Can summon mongrel things that he can cast locust swarm on. This also buffs their damage. can use a fire bomb spell. Can summon a wall of zombies that stays stationary, but the zombies in the wall flail their arms and do damage to their opponents.

- Outdoor environments are great looking! Very vibrant and slightly cartoonish Blizard graphical style. As with Starcraft 2, it's very similar in style to Diablo 2.

- Diablo 3 looks and sounds, similar to it's previous games. Which is great to hear.

- Diablo 3 Multiplayer information! Multiplayer will work over battle.net as before.

- In Diablo 3 Huge bosses are in the game, much bigger than Diablo 3. Around six or seven times taller than the players character!



Gears 2 Beta Footage - MP and New Play Mechanics

Megaman 9 - True Blue Facts

Confirmed for the Wii's WiiWare system.

The game is currently developed by Inti Creates, a company known for developing games in the Mega Man Zero series and Mega Man ZX series

The game itself is also a literal return to its roots, as the graphics and music resemble how their original games looked and sounded on the Nintendo Entertainment System hardware, and will only be controlled using the Wii Remote held sideways.

The story is as standard as any of the previous Rockman games, but with a twist. Robots are on a rampage, and Wily is coming back, but this time around, he states that the robot attacks are caused by Dr. Right, Rockman's own creator. Now Rockman has to prove his creator's innocence by defeating the new robot masters and finding the real truth behind the cause.

...his trusted canine companion Rush will return, thus making sure that memorable classic characters are returning in the same fashion.

Robot Masters:
Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman

The Wii is capable of 480 Progressive resolution, so expect that to be what it runs at.


Megaman 9 / Rockman 9

* Rockman 9 will feature a retro 8-bit art style, a homage to the earlier games.
* Two playable characters: Rockman and Blues (ProtoMan). Each has their own unique storylines.
* A popular belief is that RM9 will act as the 'link' to the events of the X Series. This is not so, The storyline DOES NOT lead into the X Series, rather it's a 'traditional' plot.
* Many new characters, new Robot Masters and maybe some new supporting characters.
* Gameplay is reminiscent of Rockman 3-6.
* Online components: Leader boards and some unknown form of online play
* RM9 will be on all major home consoles: Wii, X360 and PS3. X360 and PS3 users will be able to purchase the game from their respective download services. It's unknown how the Wii version will work, whether it will be a downloaded game or not.


SSF2T HD Remix Combo Movie, Hitbox Display, Website

"I’d just like to note that these were all done on a normal joystick..."
"A few of the combos in the video are only possible in the new Remixed mode."

*note that while damage has always been high in Super Turbo, many of these combos are performed against Akuma, who takes even more damage than most characters.

Just wanted to update you guys with a quick look at the new hitbox display feature we’re implementing for training mode in SFHD. Just to give you a breakdown of what’s going on, the blue boxes represent the characters hitbox. This is the areas where the characters can be hit. The red box is the offensive hit box. It shows the areas of the character that are attacking.

Whenever a redbox overlaps the opponents blue box, the result will be a hit. When a red box overlaps an opponents red box, they will almost always trade hits (where both players get hit). There are exceptions to this that I’ll let you guys figure out when the game comes out.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 + Street Fighter HD Remix Beta trailer:

If you get Commando 3 on Xbox Live you get the SSF2T HD Remix Beta with Ken and Ryu.

They also have a cool website: http://games.capcomdigital.com/streetfighteriihdr/

Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3/Limited Edition Gun Metal - I WANT THIS!

Crazy Halo 3 Shit

Click here.


Gears 2 Rumors

Game Rumor recently had the chance to talk with Mark Thompson, an engine programmer over at Epic Games. The full interview will be posted later but for now here are some new interesting multiplayer details we learned from our time over at Epic.

-COG and Locust will each have 12 character models (7 each in Gears 1)

-A new map announced, “Dusk” puts players in a smaller, Raven Down style map with locust/cog battles in the distance scenery.

- New flamethrower has a “fuel meter” instead of ammo clips like in other guns, and will jam if continually fired for an extended amount of time.

- Hammer of Dawn will have only 3 charges until it “burns out”. A 4th charge is possible, but it will cause the weapon to explode killing the character and hopefully enemies close by.

- Subway’s trains movement can be turned on / off with a switch. Described as being “the hardest aspect to program yet!”

- A new gametype “Wanted” pits 9 Locusts on 1 COG or 9 COG on 1 Locust. This modified version of Juggernaut has a clock for each player counting how long each player is the wanted. The wanted can only be killed with execution style rules.

- Boomshot has been modified to hold 3 ammo. Each individual rocket has been weakened, however, if you have 2 left with an active it will shoot them both out at the same time for a massive explosion.

Look forward to the info that is coming in E3 2008. I hear a new trailer is coming. Buckle up. We're going into... HYPER ACTIVE.


It's a Wonderful Live 2

Gears of War 2: Knife Spotted on Fenix - Lobster Knife Fight?!

At the very least it looks really cool. Will he actually use the knife? Who knows. I'm guessing during executions or perhaps in a cut scene.

And now, let's entertain ourselves with this humorous picture of two lobsters knife fighting. Enjoy.

Dragonball Z Scouter Papercraft

I'm very proud to present a tECHNICAL dESIGN Exclusive: The Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Scouter:

Scouters - were created by Frieza's scientists. It was made to help determine how strong a person was. It's worn around one eye and can detect power levels from miles away. It gives the power level in the form of a number, and so they compare the number to their own to see where they stand if they were to fight that person. Numbers will show up on the glass part around your eye so that they can read it easily while moving and navigating. It can also be used to hide or find people, just locate their power level and move away or towards it. Although sometimes since its only a machine, it'll go haywire and start giving inaccurate readings or if the power level becomes too high, sometimes the scouter will blow up. The Scouter comes in a variety of colors: Green, Pink, Purple, and Blue. It identifies the model version, green is earliest, and blue is latest. Scouters were used for communication as well.

Click here to download the full size PDFs and AI.

Alternative Download Link. *Edit: Links Fixed October 2013.