Resident Evil 5 Demo Gameplay

"Public Assembly" - Part 1 [WATCH IN HD]

Part 2 [WATCH IN HD]

My take on the Resident Evil 5 Demo:
My first impression is that this game feels like RE4. Resident Evil 5 has strong roots from part 4's gameplay and controls. And why not? RE4 was a hit. I really enjoyed it. There are some nice additions which include being in beautiful high definition, and an interesting coop mode. The player and partner can share weapons and items freely, so, for example, Chris can take 3 weapons leaving his partner with only one. Or you can go Army of Two style and swap primary weapons. This provides room for more tactics. Very cool.

Running through the levels It's a little sad to see that the parasites that were in part 4 are still in this one, so they aren't zombies. "They are the parasitically-controlled humans..." I can see why they did this; they did it in order to make the "game" more of a challenge and more fun. The AI is kind of a let down, as someone else mentioned. Basically they forgo having more intelligent enemies and instead throw massive amounts of enemies at you that are semi-dumb. They do mix it up by having the big hammer guy walk around (mini-boss?). Also we can count on there being some good bosses in the game.

There is a problem with the controls and the way the character interacts with the enemies. There is like a sweet spot where the enemy is close to you and it is very difficult to aim your pistol at them, yet they are far enough away so that when you swing your knife or machete, they don't get hit. This can be very annoying. Especially since the pistol is your backup weapon and has proven to be a main weapon due to the ability to upgrade it and with an abundance of ammo for it found everywhere.

The coop scenarios look like they are going to be really fun, and there is going to be some replay value in playing as both characters, and taking different paths.

This one is a definite buy, despite it's minor shortcomings.

The first level is called "Public Assembly". The second, "Shanty Town".

RE5 Demo coming to North American Xbox Live Marketplace on Monday, January 26.
Coming to the PS3 PlayStation Store on Thursday, February 5.


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