SuperLover Amazing Illustartion Art

Wow, check out this guy's Illustration Art Work: http://superlover.com.au/


The Legend of Zelda: Dungeon Theme

I thought this was really well done. Bravo!


Pandora, Internet Radio 4 U

Listen to awesome online radio music! Pandora kicks ass...

*Currently listening to Deathcore Metal*


Gears 2 Dark Corners DLC and Road to Ruin Update

GT preview of Memorial:

X-Play's Preview of the All Fronts Expansion pack:

New Achievement List:
Afraid of the Dark (20)
Play a multiplayer match on each of the 7 Dark Corners Map Pack maps

Did Not Go Gentle (30)
Win a multiplayer match on each of the 7 Dark Corners Map Pack maps (any mode)

Blood on the Sand (50)
Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-50 on the Nowhere map in Horde

Am I Only Dreaming? (40)
Reach level 40 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-40 on the Memorial map in Horde

Like Father, Like Gun (30)
Reach level 30 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-30 on the Allfathers Garden map in Horde

Lost in Transition (20)
Reach level 20 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-20 on the Way Station map in Horde

No, But His Face Rings a Bell (15)
Reach level 15 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-20 on the Sanctuary map in Horde

Ride It All Night Long (10)
Reach level 10 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-10 on the Highway map in Horde

Be Careful What You Wish For (10)
Reach level 5 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-10 on the War Machine map in Horde

Is It Hot or Is That Just You? (25)
Kill 25 Bloodmounts with a Scorcher while playing Horde on a Dark Corners Map Pack map

Two for the Road (25)
Complete the "Road to Ruin" deleted scene in co-op as either Marcus or Dom

Highway to Hell (25)
Complete the "Road to Ruin" deleted scene after choosing the blasting option

My Way or the Highway (25)
Without being detected, complete the "Road to Ruin" deleted scene after choosing the stealth option


Halo 3 ODST Beta Menu

I thought this was cool. Halo 3: ODST (formerly named Halo 3: Recon)is a standalone expansion for Halo 3. In the game, players will take on the role of a UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) during the events leading up to Halo 3.


Dead Rising 2 - Chuck Greene Kicking Ass in HD!

Chuck Hitting a Home Run

Scourge eat your heart out! Dead Rising 2 shows Gears of War 2 how it's done.

Holy shit it's outrageous! Chuck Greene (the protagonist of Dead Rising 2) is a beast! He straps on two chainsaws to his dirt bike and tapes together two chainsaws to the ends of a pole! Capcom doesn't plan on letting me or fans of Dead Rising down!

Watch the HD video:

Click here to watch the Dead Risign 2 "Captivate 09: Checklist Trailer" in High Definition baby!


Microsoft ZX Portable (Zune/Xbox) Gaming Device

Codenamed xYz, Microsoft plans to compete in the handheld video game market.

Microsoft: "Although the Microsoft handheld is definitely a converged device, this is not a Zune Phone." The source added: "Microsoft won't compete with its Windows Mobile customers."

Here are the so called facts from supposedly anon @ Microsoft:

  • The device will be a “digital entertainment handheld” and is referred to by “xYz” — the Y denoting that it falls somewhere in between the Xbox and the Zune product lines.

  • It will play games as well as movies and music. The anonymous sources say it’s unlike anything on the market today, but to think of it as a cross between the Sony Mylo, the PSP, and the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch reference is important because it underscores that the device will NOT have a cellular connection. The author of the piece, however, thinks it may have WiMAX.

  • The device will apparently have “a large WVGA touchscreen” and “hardware features not found on any handheld on the market” — again, this could be WiMAX, plus there’s further speculation that it could contain NVIDIA’s new Tegra chipset and perhaps even play first-generation Xbox games.

  • Sources say that this will be “a Live Anywhere device” with “a single online marketplace” that will blur the lines between the Zine, Xbox Live, and Sky marketplaces. For instance, if you buy a song or movie on your Xbox 360, you’ll be able to play it on this device — presumably it’d sync wirelessly. It’d also likely play Xbox Live Arcade games.

  • The interface will be very similar to the New Xbox Experience interface.
    The device will compete with offering from Apple, Sony, Nintendo, and Google. So expect stuff like Live Maps, news, and traffic. Perhaps it’ll have a GPS chip (my own speculation).

Will we see the official launch information at E3? We'll have to wait and see.


GM to sell China made vehicles in 2011

Chinese automakers like Chery and BYD have been trying to break into the U.S. market for years, but General Motors could become the first automaker to sell China-made vehicles in America. A new document reveals GM is planning to sell China-made cars in the U.S. by 2011.

The document also reveals GM expects its U.S. sales to grow by 50 percent by the year 2014.

Automotive News suggests the China-made vehicles will be small cars similar to the upcoming Chevrolet Spark...

... GM is planning to market made in China cars to American consumers as early as 2011, the same year the company’s heralded Chevrolet Volt electric car goes on sale.

According to the report, GM plans to sell nearly 18,000 Chinese-made vehicles in the US in 2011, with that number rising to over 50,000 by 2014.

Seriously, an American brand selling Chinese made cars? Sounds strange to me. I would want them to create a new brand to sell these cars made in China.

Read more:
Left Lane
Fox News

Nintendo DSi ROM/Flash Cart DSONEi/Acekard2i/CycloDSi

Nintendo DSi, meet your new friends.

You'd only need to be a little skeptical to realize that the main impetus behind the DSi was to thwart the rampant piracy on the DS. Well the DSi had a good run...

...a few months...

The DSONEi could be the new R4, a drag 'n drop ROM loader that plays games from the DSi's cartridge slot. It hopes to circumvent Nintendo's DSi's new firmware updates (similar to what we've seen before on the PSP) through firmware updates of its own, loaded onto the cart through a bundled USB dongle.

We're a bit confused how the adapter supports SDHC—it's probably through the DSi itself for saved games only—but otherwise the DSONEi looks similar to the R4 in that it stores its data on MicroSD. We didn't spot any ordering information on DSONEi's page, but don't be surprised to see it stocked at your normal online game modding stores soon.

The DSONEi supports real-time saves, real-time cheats, and a real-time game "guide".

Check out the website here.

Acekard, makers of many fine flashcarts for the original DS and DS Lite, have done in a month or so what many thought might take much longer, or even be impossible: load homebrew code on the DSi. And on top of that, Acekard is claiming support for all of the DSi's new hardware goodness like the camera and SD card, which is surely wetting many a homebrew mouth today with anticipatory drool.

Team Cyclops are pleased to announce that for some time we have had a working test setup which is capable of running CycloDS Evolution on the Nintendo DSi.


Gears 2 - All Fronts, Dark Corners Single Player and MP Add-On/DLC


The All Fronts Collection is a formidable mountain of Gears 2 content. Containing all of the Gears 2 map packs released to date—the Flashback Map Pack, Combustible Map Pack, and Snowblind Map Pack—All Fronts features the debut of Gears of War 2: Dark Corners, a collection of seven multiplayer maps and a never-before-seen deleted campaign chapter titled “Road to Ruin”
[And new Achievements adding 325 Gamer Points! -alby] In this deleted [single player campaign] scene, Marcus and Dom return to the Locust Hollow in an action-packed encounter that can be played guns blazing or silent and stealthy.

* Allfathers Garden: Don’t get caught up in the beauty—the sacred grounds of the Coalition founders can be a tremendously deadly place. Powerful weapons catalyze fast and furious action at this COG landmark.
* Memorial: It’s all about the heavy weaponry in Memorial, set near the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Take a moment to remember your fallen comrades before using your flanking and evasive skills to take control of the Boomshot and the battle.

(Similar to Mausoleum)
* Sanctuary: Tight paths, blind corners, and an arsenal of weapons—the Locust-ravaged temple in Sanctuary is no longer the haven of reflection and remembrance it once was.

(War Machine from Gears 1)
* War Machine: In this abandoned train station, players need to master the Longshot, Mulcher, and Boomshot to advance the fight while evading fire from the platforms above.

* Highway: Take the fight deep into the Locust Hollow in the complex passages of this underground highway system. Stick together, separate the enemy, and have an exit strategy ready, or it’ll be a one-way trip.
* Way Station: In the limbo between death and “processing,” you'll find Locust way stations like this one, filled with COG soldiers. Tread lightly and practice patience—it’s best to sacrifice firepower for stealth while navigating this minefield of hidden grenades.
* Nowhere: Set in the middle of the desert, Nowhere is exactly how it sounds: barren and devoid of life. The open air and long lines of sight prove useful for Longshot devotees, but expect some fierce, close combat in the stairwell.

Also included are an introduction to “Road to Ruin” from Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, a custom Xbox LIVE theme, and a collectible Gears of War 2 poster and strategy guide. An incredible package valued over 3,600 Microsoft Points, available at retailers for just $19.99.

For those of you already rocking the previously released Gears 2 map packs, Gears of War 2: Dark Corners will also be available for individual purchase and download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 1,600 Microsoft Points.

Epic stated that Dark Corners will offer new Achievements - "in fact, more than any previous Gears DLC" according to producer Rod Fergusson, taking the total available from Gears 2 and its add-ons to 1750 Gamer Points (up from 1425 G). That's the most allowed currently for additional achievements by DLC content.

Release Date: July 28, 2009


The Biaggi Wheelie Explained

Over 90 degrees of motorcycle wheelie, or the past vertical 1 o'clock wheelie.
I'm here to give you all the specifics. It's been called the Super Wheelie or the most Insane Wheelie you've ever seen.

Massimiliano "Max" Biaggi following his 500cc MotoGP victory performs the bat shit crazy Biaggi Wheelie. Some believe this was by mistake. Clearly he was demonstrating a razor like control over the bike. Biaggi slowly brings the motorcycle upright and while the bike is rotating backwards he applies the rear brake in order to control the front wheel back down.