World's Loudest Alarm Clock!

The ending is worth the watch!

Red Gold, White Gold, Green Gold? Purple and Blue Gold?

In general the addition of silver will color gold green, and the addition of copper will color it red. Here is a nice red gold watch:

Omega DeVille Co-Axial Chronograph Red Gold

The case and bezel are in 18kt red gold.

Green gold:

Black/Grey Gold:

Black gold is a type of gold used in jewelry. Black colored gold can be produced by various methods:

* Electroplating, using black rhodium or ruthenium. Solutions that contain ruthenium give a slightly harder black coating than those that contain rhodium.[5]
* Patination by applying sulfur and oxygen containing compounds.
* Plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition process involving amorphous carbon, and controlled oxidation of carat gold containing chromium or cobalt.

More recently a laser technique has been developed that renders the surface of metals deep black. A femtosecond laser pulse deforms the surface of the metal forming nanostructures. The immensely increased surface area can absorb virtually all the light that falls on it and thus rendering it deep black.

Blue/Purple Gold:

Purple and blue golds

Purple gold (also called amethyst or violet gold) is an alloy of gold and aluminium. Gold content is around 79% and can therefore be referred to as 18 carat gold. Purple gold is more brittle than other gold alloys, and a sharp blow may cause it to shatter. It is therefore usually machined and faceted to be used as a 'gem' in conventional jewellery rather than by itself. Blue gold is similarly an alloy, a mixture of gold and indium.

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel or palladium.


Yakuza 4 Announced, Yakuza 3 Coming to US Soon

Yakuza 4 known as Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu wo Tsugumono (Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend) in Japan has been announced.

As with the other numbered entries, Yakuza 4 will be taking place in modern Japan, this time in the Tokyo district of Kamiyacho. It will star a detective named Masayoshi Tanimura, and a Yakuza member named Takeshi Kido.

Back in May, we mentioned that auditions for Yakuza 4 were underway, and as usual Sega will be featuring some top flight Japanese talent, with Tanimura and Kido be voiced by Hiroki Narimiya and Kenta Kiritani respectively. Both are stage and film veterans, with Narimiya's haircut (called the Narimiya Cut) being all the rage amongst Japanese teens.

The game will use new motion capture technology in order to get not only the actors voices but also their movements mapped perfectly into their corresponding character in the game.

Here are some of the girls from Yakuza 4:

Yakuza 3 aka Ryu ga Gotoku 3 is reported to be coming to the US and Europe soon. Can't wait!


A Night in Fantasia 2009 - Anime/Game Concert in Australia

"The 'A Night in Fantasia' concert series has been recognised around the world as the most popular brand of video game / anime concerts, so you will be pleased to hear that The Eminence Symphony Orchestra is warming up to present 'A Night in Fantasia 2009' at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday 26 September, 2009.

Featuring a full Symphony Orchestra, a mind blowing choir, special guest performers and boasting a score of popular tracks from the worlds of video games and anime, 'A Night in Fantasia 2009' is being billed as the biggest, boldest and best concert in the 'A Night in Fantasia' series to ever be held.

A Night in Fantasia 2009 will feature a host of special guest stars who will fly in from the USA and Japan specially to be involved in this epic event.

The score of tracks to be performed include AFRIKA, Ace Combat V, Darksiders: Wrath of War, Dragon Age: Origins, Metal Gear Solid, Prince of Persia, Red Alert 3, Shadow of the Colossus and a wide range of anime titles, including Astro Boy (which will hit cinemas in September), Studio Ghibli, Totoro, Laputa, Princess Mononoke, Deathnote,Steamboy and many, many more"

Date: Saturday 26 September, 2009
Time(s): 6.00pm (doors open at 5.00pm)
Venue: Sydney Entertainment Centre

Borderland Keeps Getting Cooler.

Watch this awesome trailer:

1 Million Guns variations... Since I'm in their "Gun Lust" marketing category, I guess I have to buy this game.


Killer App for the Wii - Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Muramasa follows the story of Kisuke, a fugitive who has lost his memory, including that of a crime that he committed and Momohime, a lithe female ronin possessed by a dark spirit. Gameplay allows players to use the Wii Remote, the Classic controller and the GameCube controller. The game allows players to use two different characters and features three difficulty levels.

Within its first week of release in Japan, Muramasa sold all of its shipped copies and reached the top Japan sales list (known in Japan as Oboromuramasa, literally "Hazy Muramasa").

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