The Man of Steel (2013) Stealing Ideas & Too Formulaic

The Man of Steel movie was simultaneously great and disappointing to me. There was a lot of good things that I took from the movie, especially the references and nods to the comic book history. Spoiler alerts raised, read on to find out why MoS clones too many ideas, follows the movie formula to the T, and breaks Superman's sacred rule just to The main problems I have with The Man of Steel is: A) Stole too many ideas from other films B) Follows the "Dark Knight" and other formulas too closely C) Breaks the rule: Superman does not kill Ideas Ripped Off: Iron Man: Reveals secret identity to Lois Lane then to the world, like Tony Stark reveals to Pepper Potts, then to the world. Avengers: Collateral Damage Captain America; Physique Green Lantern: Works with the military Spider Man: Relationship with parents Thor: Losing powers (fighting against equals) Batman: Technology and living among other people Wolverine: Loner looking for work, hiding From start to finish Man of Steel follows modern movie formulas so closely that it's boring and predictable, even when things are revealed. Why Superman Does Not Kill, by Jeffrey Taylor: It may seem passé to some, but Superman’s overarching cardinal rule has (almost) always been to never kill his enemies. Murder and execution are unbecoming of a hero and everything it means to be a “good guy.” Believe it or not, it is one of the most important aspects of the character, even moreso than his superpowers. Man of Steel already has a vocal minority of fans who dislike the changes to the character and his universe that they already know about or simply assume based on previews. If this is a Superman who kills, it would be the death knell for many of the character’s biggest fans. Even tough Superman kills out of necessity, with the intellect of the character in mind, this just shouldn't have happened. It's shocking and for Superman to not deal with the inner turmoil of his decision it doesn't work for this movie. It leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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